Richard Pusey Told Local Figure To 'commit Suicide' Before Fatal Crash

Richard Pusey Told Local Figure To 'commit Suicide' Before Fatal Crash

The Porsche driver at the centre of a tragic crash which cost four police officers their lives urged a local figure in his community to 'commit suicide' after sending the council a series of incoherent emails whinging about discrimination.

Richard Pusey, 41, was pulled over for allegedly travelling at 149km/h on the Eastern Freeway near Kew in Melbourne at about 4.50pm last Wednesday. 

He allegedly tested positive to marijuana and meth. As police worked to impound his car, a refrigerated chicken truck ploughed into the group, killing all four officers.  

Pusey sent a series of obsessive and furious faxes to his local council in 2014 and 2015 following an altercation about installing fence in his backyard without a permit.

Pusey (pictured) is alleged to have taken disturbing pictures at the crash sight, showing the officers' lifeless bodies 

The police car that arrived at the scene was crushed by a refrigeration truck - killing four police officers who were standing by the roadside

The disgraced mortgage broker sent a total of 19 faxes to Whitehorse City Council - some written in Spanish and Vietnamese - 'pointing out racial discrimination', before later claiming he could 'understand jihad', The Australian reported.

'The fax docs are just my mania pointing out... racial discrimination... wouldn't want a name like Massoud or Chong in this 'community' would you?' one of the messages read.

In another, he accused the council of treating him unfairly because he was a 'white male', saying that an old lady would have had a better experience.

He also claimed to suffer from a learning disability and mental health disorder.   

In a separate email, Pusey contacted a local figure threatening to 'tell everyone that politicians in Cuba could do a job better than you'. 

'You should all commit suicide,' the letter read.

Emergency services arrived at the scene of the crash on Wednesday to free the wrecked cars

Pusey (right) appeared in a report on A Current Affair in 2016 where he was accused of abusing tradies and their families

He believed a revolution was imminent, and that it would force the 'piece of s**t' to 'understand'.  

Pusey has been charged with a raft of offences relating to last Wednesday's crash, including photographing the officers as they lay dying and traffic offences, though has repeatedly claimed the case against him is a 'conspiracy'.

Prison sources previously told the Herald Sun Pusey thinks the case against is a 'conspiracy'. 

Pusey, who remains in protective custody inside the same cell Cardinal George Pell once called home, is 'difficult to manage'.

'He is arrogant and playing up. He is difficult to manage and calls police and prison staff dogs,' the insider said.   

Emergency services took the bodies of the four police officers away from the scene

The 41-year-old mortgage broker dodged death because he was urinating in a nearby bush, before allegedly berating one of the officers, taking photos of the dead bodies, posting them online and fleeing on foot.

A court heard he whinged at Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor over the damage to his car as he filmed her clinging to life. Her colleagues, Senior Constable Kevin King, Glen Humphris, and Josh Prestney died at the scene.

'There you go. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. All I wanted to do was go home and have my sushi,' he allegedly said in the footage.

'And now you f**ked my f**king car.' 

His mother, who asked not to be named, disowned her son live on air following the incident.

She told 3AW her family had been estranged from the mortgage broker for many years. 

Senior Constable Kevin King (pictured, far left), Constable Glen Humphris (second from left), Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor (second from right) and and Constable Josh Prestney (far right) all died in the crash last Wednesday night





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Bajwa will face court on Monday charged with four counts of culpable driving - the most serious traffic offence in the state of Victoria

In spite of the condemnation from his family, Pusey has developed a fan base of sorts who created a "tổng đài facebook việt nam" ( group in his honour.

The family of Senior Constable King released a statement on Monday honouring the 'kind-hearted softie' without referencing Pusey or Mohinder Singh Bajwa, the driver of the truck.

Bajwa has been charged with four counts of culpable driving. Police allege they found an ice pipe in a cabin in his truck, and further paraphernalia upon a search of his Cranbourne home. 

Instead, Mr King's wife, Sharron McKenzie, and three sons, William, James and Henry, reflected on his 'daggy dad jokes', specialty pasta dishes and tradition of watching footy games as a family.

Senior Constable Kevin King (left) has been remembered by his partner, Sharron (second left) Henry (centre), William (second right) and James (right)

'[Kevin] loved going to work,' Ms McKenzie, said in a statement. 'It was his home away from home.'

'He was a caring, considerate, gentle and kind-hearted person. A big softie who would do anything for absolutely anyone. He'd always be there.'  

Mr King was part of a 'close-knit family' who are reeling in the wake of the tragedy.

'This is such a devastating shock for all of us. Our hearts are so broken,' Ms McKenzie said. 'From the perspective of being Kevin's partner, my heart is in pieces; I'm totally devastated. My beautiful man, my life, my rock and my only love for 35 years is gone.

'Life will never be the same.' 



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