Why Ground Marking Tape Is Better Than Painting Lines

Why Ground Marking Tape Is Better Than Painting Lines

Painting lines to mark and organize industrial warehouse flooring has been a normal observe for decades. However solely because various industries having been using paint to mark floors for years doesn’t mean that floor painting is the best way to efficiently organize your workplace.

There are lots of drawbacks of utilizing paint to mark your floors. Some of these drawbacks embrace hazardous and non-environmentally pleasant fumes, long dry and cure instances as well as limited effectiveness.

Paint dry and treatment times can take anywhere from 48-72 hours which halts movement and production in the facility within the specific space being painted. Moreover, it creates additional inefficiencies on account of warehouse traffic having to be redirected to areas which are usually not being painted.

In addition to the halt of movement and production within the particular area being painted, there are significant labor and material costs involved in painting and re-painting floors.

Marking business floors with ground marking tape eliminates all of the above issues. Floor tape is easy toapply, sticks to the floor immediately and is considered commonplace protocol in any 5S industrial warehouse environment. Flooring marking tape also ensures that your workplace is organized and environment friendly in any respect times.

Let’s look at other significant benefits of utilizing ground marking tape over painting.
Floor tape is designed to be extraordinarily durable. In contrast to paint that may have to be touched up after just a few months of intense utilization, floor tape has resiliency and durability which enables it to be usable for a for much longer period of time. Ground tape is designed to face up to the most demanding industrial warehouse flooring traffic including forklifts, trucks and pallet jacks. In addition, ground tape can also stand up to chemical spills which paint cannot.
Value effective and easy to use
As mentioned above, ground tape requires very little labor effort to apply. A median tape roll can take less than 5 minutes to apply, vastly less time than painting lines. This is a tremendous labor cost savings.
Because paint lines are marked up simply with the constant pressure of heavy warehouse visitors, it must be re-utilized frequently. Floor tape then again can face up to this visitors and typically needs to be utilized each 2-three years with moderate warehouse traffic. Again, a big labor and materials cost savings.

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