The Different Sorts Of Magnetic Tape

The Different Sorts Of Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape and other adhesive magnets have gotten exceedingly popular and vital to our on a regular basis lives. To show you what we mean, let’s run by a couple of highly-used spaces in your common office to see where these magnets can exist. Within the shared kitchen or a filing cabinet, you could possibly use them as a labeling system. In the entryway, you can cling framed pictures or awards with magnetic tape, keeping them sturdy and in-place without damaging the walls with nails (particularly essential in the event you’re renting your space). When you’re a teacher, colourful magnetic adhesives make a fantastic addition to any presentation whiteboard. In many ways, the possibilities are infinite.

Now, let’s get into what the different types of magnetic tape or adhesives are. Below, we’ll detail more data that can assist you kickstart the creative process.

Magnetic Adhesive Tape

Through the use of magnetic adhesive tape, you can connect non-magnetic objects to anything ferrous (metal beams behind partitions, filing cabinets, safes, etc.). The tape itself is either made of versatile neodymium or strontium ferrite and typically is available in a roll that can be simply separated with a knife or a pair of scissors.

Best used for: Hanging photographs, awards, or art; whiteboard displays; labeling filing cabinets; and making minor appliance fixes.

Magnetic Sheets

Magnetic sheets have a robust adhesive drive that makes them very best to be used on flat surfaces. Much like tape, magnetic sheets are made from neodymium or strontium ferrite magnets. They come in quite a lot of colors and could be cut in any size/shape. Should you’d prefer to order personalized magnetic sheets, please visit our customized type fill!

Best used for: Organizing or storing items in a workshop or warehouse; and labeling an office house, classroom, or kitchen.

Adhesive Magnets

Apex offers a wide range of adhesive magnets. Like magnetic tape, they are sticky on one side (coated with adhesive glue) and made of neodymium. You possibly can typically anticipate these magnets to be stronger than magnetic tape, though you’ll want to check the pull drive to be sure. For example, we offer an adhesive disc magnet with a formidable 9.2 lbs of pull force.

Best used for: Magnetic closures on packaging, boxes, folders, and more; hanging images, awards, and artwork; and organizing or labeling items in a workshop or warehouse.

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